The heart of men they say is desperately wicked above all things. How was this young lady supposed to known that her church member is not who he seems to be.

According to a story shared by an upcoming Nollywood actress via her Instagram page, Officialsandysandra, today, February 18th, Her friend received from a male friend who happened to be her church member that he was stranded and needed a place to sleep just for the night.

She was said to have called people who could help but all to no avail before she innocently decided to help him at her place since it was just for a night. Trouble was said to have started when he tried to sleep with her in the midnight and her refusal led to her death.

She wrote:


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This was how my friend want to render help and the guy killed her all in the name of adultery, according to the story, the guy called her that he was stranded that he needed a place to sleep,she called people who she thought could help but all to no avail, with her kind heart, she decided to help him since it was just for d night , the next day, he tried to sleep with her which she refused and now led her to death, what a wicked world, my friend is gone, she’s gone gift is dead, all in the name of helping a church member or friend,her dreams has been chattered , this was our last picture together with @ramseynouah on set gift you are gone rest in peace, your goodwill now led you to death……. Rip my good friend

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