Controversial Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has revealed that her big butts and controversial lifestyle have helped her be more successful in the film industry.

The actress who is also known as the “Omoge Lekki” actress is really fond of taking pictures showcasing her backside.

The actress was unveiled as the brand ambassador of a company during the week, and some insinuated that she might have faked the endorsement deal in order to appear successful. Amidst all the controversies, the actress in an interview with Punch’s Sunday Scoop said;

“I think all the controversies (I’ve been involved in) have helped my brand to grow more acceptable to a wider audience. My social media engagements have increased and the way I have carved a niche for myself amidst all the controversies, has made brands to pay attention to me as someone who can be of value to them. I remember someone once told me I could never get an endorsement deal because of my past behaviours but God has proved them wrong. Right now, I am a brand ambassador of over four reputable companies”.

The actress also said she was satisfied with her shape and didn’t have any reason to consider plastic surgery.

“What do I need plastic surgery for when I already have what some use money to get — a big behind,” she stated.

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