Marriage is such a beautiful thing, love knows no limits, with interracial marriages on the increase leads us to a list of 8 Nollywood actresses and actors married to whites and growing families. They have found love outside the shores of Nigeria and are happily married.

In this post we have checked around and gathered few of Nollywood actresses and actors who have married whites.

8 Nollywood Actresses And Actors Married To Whites

1. Anita Hogan


Anita Hogan is one of Nigerian Nollywood actresses who married a white man. She was the last woman standing in the popular T.V reality show-Guilder Ultimate search.

She is married to a Dutch man, Ted Mak in October 2006. They already have 2 cute boys.

2. Ashionye Michelle Raccah



The actress and her husband have been married for 8 years now, and they are a lovely family and are blessed with 2 lovely children.

3. Ufuoma Mcdermott



She also is another Nollywood actress that married a white man, Steven McDermott.

She officially changed her surname to Ufuoma McDermott on May 23, 2014 at a Lagos high court. They both have 2 children.

4. Susan Peters



Another of Nollywood actress that is married to a white moan. She is an actress, model, interior designer, and beauty salon owner. And she is married to her Dutch fiance. And are happy together.

5. Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi




Oluchi Orlandi is a Former Face of Africa and International model. And she got married to her ltalian husband, Luca Orlandi in 2005.

Her husband is a popular fashion photographer and they have two sons together.

6. IK Ogbonna



IK Ogbonna is a Nigerian Actor and a model. He got married to his Columbian wife, Sonia Morales in June 29, 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia. They already have a son.

7. Uche Jombo


Also Uche Jumbo is another Nollywood finest actress, she got married to American born, Kenny Rodriguez in Puerto Rico.

They are both blessed with a son. Kenny has said that he met his wife through his friend and was drawn to her because of her passion and drive for her Job.

He wanted to learn from her and one thing led to another, they started a relationship and now they are happily married.

8. Karen Igho


Finally, Karen Igho is a former BBN Star, and she is married to Yaroslav Rakos on the 14th of December 2014 and they are happy together.


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