Amid continued controversies trailing Regina Daniel’s marriage to Prince Ned Nwoko, Nollywood actress and ex-president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberesima, has thrown her weight behind Regina’s decision to marry her lover who’s true age has been a topic for household discussions.

According to Ibinabo, neither Regina nor Ned should be criticized for their choices as neither of them was forced into the union; adding that she (Regina) does not deserve to be insulted or mocked for the choice she made considering she is an adult and thus is responsible for her decisions.

“She will not be the first in this scenario and will not be the last and I strongly detest her being made a victim of her success. Regina is not underage; she is a full-fledged professional, an adult under the Nigerian law and is qualified to make her own decisions. Majority of those crying blue murder and insulting Prince Ned Nwoko would sacrifice their families to be in Regina’s shoes. Finally, the girl doesn’t give two about your opinion, she made her choice and everyone is bound to respect same,” she said.

She went on to vouch for Ned Nwoko, describing him as a kind philanthropist who has helped a lot of people across the world.

“I can stake everything on Prince Ned Nwoko’s integrity. I know him personally and so I can vouch for him. If he’s found happiness in Regina and she’s accepted to reciprocate, then I think it’s the height of hypocrisy and joblessness to interfere in their lives. I stand with Prince Ned and Regina Nwoko and their inalienable right to happiness. I say to them happy married life. May God bless your union with joy and beautiful children and may he use you both as a source of succor to many Nigerians, amen,” she said.

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