TechInAfrica – One of the most popular forms of entertainment embodiment is the availability to watch award-winning TV shows and blockbuster Hollywood movies on-demand. Services like Netflix have gained quite the popularity for giving watchers the opportunity to binge their favorite series. Showmax, an online subscription video on demand service launched in South Africa on August 19th2015, is now expanding to Nigeria for its citizens to enjoy. This launch was conducted on last Tuesday, July 23rd 2019. Aside from popular TV series and international hit movies, Showmax also offers a wide variety of binge-worthy Nigerian shows.

Niclas Ekdahl, CEO of MultiChoice Group’s Connected Video division, asserted that the innovative play of this notion is to not only provide numerous Nollywood movies, but also to present potential viewers with up-to-date Nigerian shows and favorites originating from Africa.

Collaborating hand-in-hand with its own dedicated channel dubbed ‘Africa Magic’, Showmax brought forth a number of the most notable titles available for watchers to binge—from the very beginning to the end. Some of these referred titles include:

  • Tinsel, a Nigerian soap opera that began airing in August 2008, which is often renowned as the most successful television drama on Nigerian television in recent times.
  • The Johnsons, also a Nigerian TV series produced by Rogers Ofime revolving around drama and comedy. It focuses on an average Nigerian family in Lagos, Nigeria and the challenges they face.
  • My Flatmates, a Nigerian situational comedy documenting the lives of four friends who share an apartment. All sorts of chaotic and hilarious things happen as they go about their daily escapades in pursuit of a better life for themselves.

Along with it, Showmax also features an extensive number of international TV shows like Game of Thrones, Vikings, and Chernobyl. I’m just hoping that they would add La Casa de Papel or The Office at a later date.

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