On Saturday 20th April 2019 which was Easter celebration weekend, London witnessed the Premiere of Florence Nkeng film Drowning.

This was an invite for the influencers of Nollywood UK, friends and family of the Cameroonian Filmmakers.

The ambiance and setup of the evening was different from what you would expect at a screening it was more homely. It made you feel like you were lounging at home with loved ones watching the perfect film.


Drowning Tells the story of young girls and guys who believed in their dreams as they were united by music, friendship and genuine love for one another.

Just when they thought they were all happy and doing what they loved, tragedy strikes and instead of tearing them apart, it threw them into a deep ocean. But the will power to survive as a team kept them afloat because DROWNING was not an option. (BASED ON A TRUE STORY).

Casts include Kalu Ikeagwu, Tamara Eteimo, Chris Okagbue, Maureen Okpoko, Zinnia Besame and others.

Film is by Cameroonian/Nigerian filmmaker Florence Nkeng.

The film was well thought out and the story well presented. The casts gave a great perfomance and well delivered.

See photos below.

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