A big masquerade does not come to town all the time, but whenever he comes, he dances and gyrates energetically to the delight of his teeming fans.

This aptly captures the high status of Tade Ogidan in the Nigerian movie industry. The filmmaker doesn’t just produce and release any movie; he drops quality ones to the admiration of movie lovers. It’s the same great effort that he has put into his latest flick, Gold Statue.

Gold Statue parades Gabriel Afolayan, who plays the role of Adewale Esho, the son of Lagos-based middle class parents, Akintade and Grace Esho (Richard Mofe-Damijo and Sola Sobowale).

Gold Statue narrates the story of Adewale, who learns in school about a huge gold statue in Ilesha, his country home. From his findings, the mineral resources form part of his ancestral rights. He then takes time to find out from his grandfather and a friend resident abroad the exact location of the statue. Though, his grandpa refuses to divulge the information, his friend tells him and the journey to the goldmine begins.

As a young graduate, Adewale leaves home on the premise of going for his youth service (NYSC) in Adamawa State, but finds his way to Ilesha. However, after series of activities, he lands in jail.

As the Yoruba saying goes, ‘Oruko to ba wuni laaje leyin odi’ (you can bear a name of your choice outside your homestead), Adewale changes his name to Samuel Okon. But someone who knows him soon detects his true identity.

In fact, this act almost tears the family apart, as his mother relocates to the family house in Ilesha just to ensure that he’s fine. But then, Adewale becomes a force to reckon with in prison where he recruits fellow prisoners for the great task ahead.

Aside Richard Mofe-Damijo, Sola Sobowale and Gabriel Afolayan, Gold Statuefeatures other A-list acts like Ali Baba, Norbert Young, Woli Arole, Yemi Sodimu, Segun Arinze as well as Afropop star, D’banj, who brings his razzmatazz onboard the movie.

Tade Ogidan has been described as the Quentin Tarantino of Nollywood, and this new flick will put other filmmakers on their toes for a long time to come.

All in all, Gold Statue poses some throbbing questions: What’s the outcome of the desperate search for the gold statue? Who are the ‘freed guys’ who eventually enjoy the rewards of the statue? Can there be a single beneficiary of an act of bravery? One can only unravel all these mysteries by visiting the cinema to see the movie.

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