As part of the programmes listed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the school, the students of Olashore International School (@olashoreschool), Iloko-Ijesha, are set to act one of the many interesting books written by the veteran Nigerian playwright, Chief Jimi Solanke (@jimisolanke) (pictured above), Etiti: All Eyes On You.

Etiti: All Eyes On You is a story, which clearly highlights the mistakes of our elders as they make secret the most important aspects of our culture that should have been kept open for the youths and everybody to understudy.

The stage play would be shown in three different locations around Nigeria in ensuring that the parents and prospective parents are carried along and also share in the celebration.

Etiti would be shown in Lagos at Muson Centre, Onikan on the 21st of November, 2018, while it would also take place in Oyo and Abuja on the November 24 and 1st of December respectively. Other details are on the poster below.

On the reason for choice of play, the principal and CEO of the school, Mr. Smith D. K. Smith, stated that as a Nigerian school, the management is committed to ensuring that students gain a full understanding of their traditional culture.

He further said, “This is achieved by having cultural days such as “OIS goes Traditional”, extra-curricular programmes researching and celebrating the complementary cultures across the country and by our outstanding cultural dance troupe.

“Our annual school productions form part of this commitment and all of them are Nigerian plays.”

He also made known that this is not the first time the school would be projecting the Nigerian culture.

“In recent years the school has performed a wide range including Echoes from the Lagoon by Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi, OFR and in 2013 the awarding performance of Morountodun by Professor Femi Osofisan which received the award for best school production in Nigeria,” he concluded.

The play promises to be interesting and educating.

Olashore International School,a private co-educational school for 600 students, offers high calibre education in a wide range of subjects at junior secondary, senior secondary and a university foundation programme in partnership with top universities in the UK. It is located in Iloko-Ijesha, Osun State.

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