Emmylyskilz Productions (@emmylyskilz) seems to have something the Lagos residents, especially those on the island, should be excited about.

From 22nd to 23rd of December, 2018, a play written by Nigeria’s first published female professor of Theatre Arts, Nwazuluwa Onuekwuke Sofola, popularly called Zulu Sofola, The Wizard of Law, would be staged at the popular centre, The Kona.

The play about Ramoni, an old lawyer whose fortunes have been terribly on the decline. He however tries to impress his wife during a festive period by purchasing lace material on credit at a time when he is broke and in debt.

Typical of opportunists, Rafiu the cloth-seller, takes advantage of the situation to inflate his prices in order to make a heavy gain from this desperate ‘trying- to- keep-up with – Jones’-legal luminary’.

This becomes a real stalemate as Ramoni, not having the money with which to pay, gets more and more into trouble. He desperately looks for a court case through which he would get the needed money.

The play would be directed by Emmanuel Orisunmibare.

See posters for more details.

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