Friday 25th January 2019 London witnessed its first movie premiere of the year. Desperate Mission a Nicki Moore film.

DESPERATE MISSION is a story of a young lady who was cheated by her boyfriend back home in Africa. She later relocated to London where she falls in love with a white man.
As time progress, Malik her ex-boyfriend came to London and they both carried on from where the stopped years back.

The cinema hall was sold out and fans that watched the film has nothing negative to say about the film.

The casts: Nicki Moore, Uche Odoputa, Paul, Robin, Layo Awolo, Rose Emma, Chuckly Shyngle, Olukunle Samuel Fafowora.

Director: Uche Odoputa
Produced by Nicki Moore
DOP: Dwayne Joseph.
Photo credit: Riyike Alayande

See photos below:

Rosie Emma
Riyike Alayande, – Actor Kite Uhomoibhi – Actor, Theodora Ibekwe-Ayobade – Actor, Director (President Actors Guild UK)

Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade and Ayo Oyebade
Vera B Pride – Actor and Producer, Uche Odoputa – Veteran Actor and Director
Nicki Moore and Actor and Producer of Desperate Mission

Tony Kay
Dipo Olajide, Cordelia Emeh – Actor and Producer My London Slave, Guest, Olukunle Samuel Fafowora – Actor
G-Class Cfi
Bosola Molade – Actor, Jenny Pinky – Actor
Layo Awolo – Actor and Producer