The Audrey Silva Company has had a busy year in producing and putting finishing touches to their latest and long awaited project.

Award winning director, Mildred Okwo is set to release her neo-noir crime thriller – LA Femme Anjola. The movie takes into consideration themes of Heroism and Villainy which is largely populated by the Film noir genre of Hollywood in the 40’s and 50’s but with a Nigerian twist. Here, there are no perfect heroes or villains as everyone struggles for their own survival.

Written by Tunde Babalola, the film title translates to The Woman Anjola in English. It tells the story of Anjola Kalu (Rita Dominic), the wife of night club owner Odera Kalu (Chris Iheuwa) who falls for a young Stock Broker and part time sax player, Dejare Johnson (Nonso Bassey) and turns his world upside down.

With a vast team of professionals, Mildred Okwo delivers on top notch aesthetics to give a Nollywood inspired neo noir. When talking about the production, Okwo stated “Every single department had to work hard to earn their keep on this set. It’s an ambitious script and we executed it with very limited funds compared to Hollywood or Chinese filmmakers” Despite this statement, La Femme Anjola’s final figures are much more than the regular Nollywood budget thanks to a mixed bag of debt and equity financing from Lagos based GTI Securities and other Angel investors.

“Consider that in a space of 6 months we have built major sets, shot in various locations in Lagos, Cape Town and Johannesburg, caused several explosions, you will realize that we have outdone ourselves to finish this film. We went all out to give our audience a kind of thrill not so common in our industry, I hope they enjoy it”, Okwo concludes.

The movie boasts of stars such as Award-winning actress, Rita Dominic, Chris Iheuwa, Nonso Bassey, Femi Jacobs, Mumbi Maina, Shawn Faqua and many more.

LA Femme Anjola is scheduled to hit cinemas in 2020.

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