A former Big Brother Naija contestant, Chinenyenwa Okoebor, aka Chichi has lambasted, as well as

educated her critics who are still judging her over her choice of career.

Chichi who is undoubtedly one of the most talked about housemates during the last season of the show, which ended some months ago.

As Stripper, Chichi was known to have given some of her male housemates lap dances while in the house.


In an interview with Saturday Beats, she however expressed dismay that strippers are usually judged by people and seen as lesser humans.

She said, “I think I am the most judged stripper. When I was a stripper, (I don’t strip anymore), people often came to me for help and at the same time, they would judge me. They did not see us as human beings. Stripping is actually a profession but in my father’s land (Nigeria), it is not seen as one. It was really hard because people were so judgmental.

“Because of that, I cannot talk in public. And, that is why I am uptight; I don’t like expressing myself. Whenever I talk, people are quick to throw ‘shades’ at me, saying what do I know since I’m just a stripper. They feel we (strippers) can do anything for money.”

Chichi also stated that she was not open to having sex on the first date. She said, “Sex on the first date something that I don’t think should even be discussed on the first day; talk more of doing it on the first date. But, who am I to judge people who think it is okay?”

Chichi, who is considering a career in Nollywood, also stated that she can never act nude. She said, “No, I won’t act nude. But, for those who choose to do it, I am not a judgmental person. That is probably what they feel comfortable doing. They should do what they feel is good for them.”


She also maintained that a woman can be as successful as a man. She said, “I don’t believe that. A woman can be successful the same way a man can. There are so many wealthy men out there; should we also say those men got their money from women?”